Case Studies

Meeting The Time Constraint

Client: NAK-MCI


NAK-MCI is one of the largest telecom operator based in Iran. Renowned brands around the globe work as vendor for this giant. In the beginning of 2013, NAK-MCI felt the importance of a customized application to optimize their quadruple constraints: fall, performance, configuration, and change. The management reached at their decision: the application needed to be done by August 2013. The problem arrived when choosing the vendor. None of the vendors qualified due to emergence of few international legal codes. Time kept passing by; none of the codes were met, but the deadline of the application was approaching.


In such position NAK-MCI called upon Conio and sought for help. Conio had only six months to deliver the whole project. It was a challenge for Conio to accomplish such a big project within this short period. However, the CTO said, “we will do it, and do it better”. CTO had such confidence since he know that all the experts at Conio came with years-long experience in telecom industry. The combined effort of the expert team members eventually led the project to being done on time, leaving few days at hand. The management of NAK-MCI scrutinized the project carefully and finally declared the delivered application as user-friendly with proven quality. The efficiency of respective jobs at NAK-MCI, after getting the Network Management Application, increased undoubtedly. It wouldn’t have been possible without breaking the constraints of time. Both Conio and NAK-MCI undisputedly agreed on that.

Exceeding Expectations

Client: Omantel


Omantel is the first telecommunications company in Oman and is the primary provider of internet services in the country. The organization launches many events for various purposes. Khareef 2013, a four month long event was one of the biggest events in the history of Omantel. Naturally, a bigger body required a better management, and to assure such- Omantel decided to introduce an advanced application with a view to measuring performance of the event better, and managing the HR issues efficiently.


The organization came to Conio and assigned the project- “Khareef Live Management System”. The project consisted two different parts: one is a web application and the other is a mobile application, but the time frame given was very narrow. The project had to be finished in only four weeks! Conio experts took the project very seriously and employed their best expertise along with time management skills. After three rush weeks the project saw the sun. Even the highest officials of Conio got amazed, how this project was accomplished so fast! Authorities from Omantel tested the application and found three additional beneficial features that they did not ask for: network notification in each 30 minutes, group chat facility, and site status notification. A manager from Omantel said, “Surely, this time Conio exceeded our expectation!” The application helped manage Omantel the Khareef event so much.

Sustaining Clients’ Efficiency

Client: Surf Pacific


Surf Pacific is one of the largest digital marketing agencies working in medical industry in Australia and in the USA. The dynamic nature of digital marketing poses multiple challenges for any agencies and skill shortage along with constant changes made by digital marketing platforms make it even more difficult to run a digital agency with high profit and efficiency. Surf Pacific needed a software for efficiently automating marketing campaigns.


Conio came up with a solution to automate their marketing campaigns to reduce time required and improve campaign performance and efficiency multi folds. This allowed Surf Pacific to reap more profit from their business with higher accuracy and better results; moreover, they are now able to leverage their current workforce to perform marketing tasks that were impossible without the help of the solution Conio provided.

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